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Peaches Live

I am PuddledPeaches, but you may call me Peaches

I no longer cam on as many websites to allow myself to focus on other projects. The few sites that I do Live Stream on can be found here with information, schedules and what you can expect to see on these Live Streams.

I don't practice any underhanded schemes to lead you into any streams that you are not willing nor interested in participating in. Transparency is of the utmost importance to me.

  • Not All Websites Follow the Same Policy, but Peaches Policy is the same everywhere

  • Not All Token to USD ($) ratio is the same, but Peaches ratio is the same everywhere

Exhibiting For A Fee

Enjoy To Party and Have Fun, But Unfortunately Its Not Freely Offered To Me. So To Cover My Lifestyle, I Uncover My Ass...For A Fee.

Sometimes it can be as simple as black and white

Newly Posted

When I am on Live, I like to blast my music and let the energy take control
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